Photo Gallery

Arlo Guthrie & John

John at the 2017 Christmas party with one of his uke groups

In the teaching studio

Making his first guitar circa 1970

In Bangkok with Molly Meldrum

MC ing Katoomba Folk Festival

Rebuilding a valuable vintage banjo

John & his cat Rattles after a long night

With Bluesman Shaun Kirk

Glad she's asleep

A couple of the festivals John ran in1970 while living in New Zealand, with artists like Chuck Berry & Bo Diddley

Did long hair suit anybody?

The John Miner Dixie Jazz Band (still going today after 25 years-without John)

Apollo 15 astronaut Col Jim Irwin presenting John with a signed photo of the moon landing

Cross Country Band Circa 1971

John in a suit (who would have thought), with actor Leonard Teale

John teaching himself to repair guitars photographed in his music shop circa 1970.

More Dixeland Jazz

John & John Denver spent some time together at Smokey 

Dawson's ranch, he got John's autograph for his wife Kate.


John's short-lived movie career as a barman in the movie "wake in fright".


When living in Cairns John spent some time taking photos for the Cairns post here are two Pro Hart & Stevie Wonder.

He also tuned the pianos for the visiting artists that came to town like INXS & Peter Allan.

Main Work Bench

While living in New Zealand in 1970 John was a travelling salesman for the Fender USA Music agents. Here he is with his new banjo, & company car.

The Sunshine Coast Uke festival


The making of the mini doco "The Banjo Luthier"


Two of the charities we support

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